About Us

Welcome to our hunky-dory doxie dory lifestyle blog! We’re a tiny family that’s tricky to keep up with. We’re basically all over the place! Now we’re here with a weekly update  to fill you in on our thoughts, recent events, and adventures along our journey.

Let’s start with Remy, the soul and spirit animal of our blog. Remy is my dachshund or wiener dog if you will. He’s the leader of our wolf pack (so he thinks anyway). Keeping to himself is not how he rolls. Licking faces and taking treats is his game. When you come over, beware of his big bark and his precious curled up cuddles.

Waylon, is Chas’ pup. We found her last summer in California, abandoned in a reservation. She was covered in ticks, starved and scared. I didn’t really give Chas a choice when I brought her home. As soon as he saw this innocent little puppy he loved her with all his heart. Chas had always wanted a dog of his own and now that he does he couldn’t be happier. Name choices were slim… it was between Merle, Willy, and Waylon…smh. I tried my best to give her the girliest  name out of the options provided. She’s super smart and sensitive, she’d do anything for us and her big little brother.

Chas is my handsome hubby. Currently he is working as a car salesman. Never did he think this would be the job for him but little did we know, he rocks at it. In high school Chas began recording music with his friends just for fun. In college where we met, he put out a couple records of his own. We met our freshman year of college. He lived across the hall from me in the dorms. It didn’t take long for us to fall head-over-heels for each other. Chas tends to keep to himself, he’s a hard shell to crack (don’t ask me how I did it.) Once you get to know him he’s very easygoing, loves to drink some smooth whiskey, listen to classic country, and be the long-haired California-cowboy-mountain-man he’s always wanted to be.

My turn! I’m Ivy. That is all.

Just joking, I’m from a small town in Iowa just like Chas. It wasn’t until college that I really found out about myself, as corny as that sounds. It’s true though, all my life I had never really known who I was. I’m kind of a yes (wo)man. I’m up for anything! I want others to be happy so by going with the flow, all is good.

Up until college I would wear what the other girls wore at school to fit in, do the normal activities, and beg for the same cool stuff they all had. Doing yoga and being a vegetarian was unheard of so I kept that to myself back then. I felt like a loner when all I really  needed was to get out of town! There was such a big world out there that I needed to see. I started taking art classes in college, I found my niche! I surrounded myself with friends who enjoyed painting and photography as I did.

Once I graduated, I moved in with my dad in Lewiston, ME. I have to say this also taught me a lot about myself. Honestly, my dad is who taught me how to be a minimalist, what matters in life, and to follow my dreams. He supported me when I wanted to attend the Rocky Mountain School of Photography in Missoula, MT. There, I found so many lifelong friends and learned so much in just a quick 1/1000 shutter speed summer. It was the first time I had hiked mountains, unwound in hot springs, visited national parks, and been in a bike/ dog friendly community with just a sprinkle of hippy.

Fast forward to now, I do a little bit of everything and that’s how I like it. I am currently a dental assistant which who would have thought right?! I’ve began my practice as a 200 Yoga Teacher Training. Wine and dessert dates with my gals is probably my favorite hobby. Beautifully decorated coffee drinks get me through it all. My fingers are finally becoming callused from practicing my cute little ukulele. Photography is my passion. Singing in alleyways and harmonizing with my homies warms my heart. Being outdoors in the backwoods is where I feel at home and Chas and I just got married. As most of you know, we did so without my mom. She’s the heart of this blog and I know that she’d be especially thrilled not having to guess what we’re up to all the time. My mom loved my free spirit and creativity (which I got from her). So I guess we have her to thank as well.

Skipping to the point, I don’t think I’ll ever stop learning about who I am and here’s where the blog begins. Life is short, we all hopefully understand this. We need to find what means the most to us and go for it wholeheartedly. Do your best at it and never stop trying. The blog is here to show you that all is possible and the time is now. Stay tuned because this is the journey my friends.

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