My Try at Pie

Well, well, well… I’m feelin’ a lil’ sassy today. A bit triumphant I guess after successfully (with much help) making a peach and cherry pie! Not only did I look up ten or so recipes on Pinterest, get advice from bakers and old ladies all week, but my friend Nicole stopped by yesterday morning to help me prep, design, bake and clean up! She’s a sweetheart, bless her. It was a lot of fun even though the cleanup was horrendous! She brought over a little (whole bottle) champagne to get us motivated. 

It all started with a small conversation at work, Nicole asked me what I was doing this weekend and I said , “I really just want to bake a pie.” I had never made one before so it was going to be super fun and exciting. Not only had I never made one, but my Aunt Shelly gave me a beautiful pie dish from the Mixing Bowl for my Bridal Shower. I couldn’t wait to use it. I also got the red flower printed flour sack towel from there as well. 

I wanted to make it from scratch obviously because where is the fun in buying a ready made pie? I didn’t want a just add water type of deal. I looked up a bunch of ideas and designs. That was my biggest goal honestly. I wanted to make something really difficult and whether or not it looked good or even tasted good, I tried and you all would get to witness my epic fail and never want to come over for a dinner party, win-win. 


I began by procrastinating… I knew in the back of my mind how long this process would really take, and boy was I right. Finally, I got up and put a little rain jacket over my camera, went to grab the staples from the grocery store, then headed to the farmers market for the famous Palisade peaches everyone’s going on about which I only paid two dollars for, and four cups of Bing cherries which were more like fifteen dollars, yikes. While I was there, I wanted to purchase my favorite candle, Almond-Cinnamon, from Breckenridge Candle Cabin, but she wasn’t there this weekend. Fortunately, I met two lovely ladies who own Mountain Tribe. They’re awesome, I basically stayed in their booth for at least 30 minutes, just eye drooling over all of their handmade jewelry and dream catchers. They also make yoga apparel which I am super excited to start purchasing! They had only a single candle left called Midnight Moonlight, it has a very soothing aroma filling my home with sandalwood and amber. If you want to check out their online shop it is


Once I got home it was already ten o’clock, I was hoping to already have the dough mixed and chilled before Nicole got there so that she and her kiddo could actually help me eat it before they had to head out. Thank goodness she was there though because working the dough was the hardest part. After making the crust for the peach pie it was already twelve o’clock… I decided to wait until today to start on the cherry pie. 


Some good tips that we should have listened to were to freeze the butter, use vodka instead of water, and to let your dough chill for at least an hour. We did none of those things. Don’t get me wrong the pie turned out wonderfully, just not as easy as it could have been. Trying to braid that stupid crust made me hate pie. Just kidding I loved it, but I gave up and handed that job over to Nicole, who has wayyyy more patience than I do. I moved on to shaping the flower petals and adding detail into them. Placing them on the pie filling while it was sitting on the hot preheated stove… trust me… I get it now heated dough is bad whilst working with. 


Today is a completely different story. I had the cherries already prepped from yesterday, bought butter and stored it in the freezer, mixed the dough easy-peasy stored that in the fridge for two hours. This time, the crust was way easier to handle. I made individual mini cherry pies to take to Chas’ work tomorrow because there is no way I can have two whole pies in my house. I don’t know about you, but personally they’d be gone in three days. The lattice design was more simple in comparison to the braided crust. Maybe next time I’ll actually listen to the instructions and it will be easy as pie. *wink. 


The clean up was hell, thanks for wondering. I posted a phone picture on Instagram if you haven’t seen it already, the cherry’s really just stain everything. My back splash, fingers, cutting board, everything was Bing cherry blood splattered. To be fair we did cut them into little pieces. I wanted to take more pictures and show you all the process of me making the pie but… it wasn’t pretty. I don’t think Photoshop could even begin to fix the awful mess I call my cooking. If you want to see the recipes I used go to and check out my food board. I used basically a little bit of all of them. Let me know in the comments your tips and tricks to pie making. I can defiantly use all the help you have to offer. Have a good week everybody! Thanks for reading, come over and get a slice before it’s gone! 


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