Beginners Guide to Feng Shui

Friends, I can’t wait to share with you on how I have made my house into a home! It’s a little thing called Feng Shui, which stands for wind-water. It is a ancient Chinese principle creating a balanced and harmonious living space. This is decided by the layout and direction of your home and rooms. It also follows the elements: earth, water, fire, metal, and wood. By following these simple rules from room to room, you too can live in a positive and happy home! 

First, I’ll explain the directions and elements. North is the water element, find out where North is in your home and place the indicated element there such as a vase or running water feature. North indicates your career and luck. This room would do best as a study/ work space. The color purple symbolizes wealth and success. Also placing your desk in a power position facing the door will keep your creativity flowing rather than facing a wall. Add abstract art to keep the mind focused. 

  • North East: Earth element, you can symbolize this by adding a plant, rocks, or a zen garden.
  • East: Wood element. Expressing health and family in this room.
  • South East: Wood element. You can grab a piece of drift wood or handcrafted wooden side table or frame.
  • South: Fire element. You can express this with a candle or fireplace.
  • South West: Earth element. The energy here is best expressed by love and marriage.
  • West: Metal element. Bowls, wall hanger, tin containers, light fixtures.
  • North West: Metal element. Promotes children, mentors, and heaven. 


Let’s talk about the bedroom. The bedroom is a place that is supposed to make you feel calm and relaxed. It also promotes love and romance. For some easy ways to make your bedroom feel this way you can focus on alignment and flow of furniture, colors, and decor. 

Align and flow. Where ever you place your furniture just make sure everything is easily accessible. For example, if you have to squeeze into your closet due to a large dresser or if you can’t open the drawers all of the way, move things accordingly so that your space is open and the furniture doesn’t disrupt the flow of the room.

My advice is to let go of clothing, socks, shoes, belts, ties, etc. that doesn’t fit anymore or you haven’t worn for over eight months. I also recommend putting your seasonal clothing in storage. This keeps your closet easier to go through. If the item has holes in it, stains, or ripped, get rid of it. I made a tug-of-war rope for my doggies with all of my lonely socks. I totally understand not wanting to be wasteful and certain items in our homes may have some sentimental connection. If it doesn’t serve you or give you joy toss it, donate it, recycle it. Another way to look at this would be to think like a minimalist. Stop making impulse purchases and have one really good item that lasts longer rather than buying cheap items that break or wear out. 

Place your bed in alignment with the door, make sure your bed is on a frame so that energy can flow under it while your’e sleeping. Keep this space clean, don’t use the space under your bed for storage or dirty laundry. Having a solid headboard promotes stability and if you don’t have carpets add a rug to absorb noise. Place the bed on the rug if you can as long as it’s bigger than the bed. Or, place the area rug at the end of the bed, the two legs on it. Doing it this way makes the room flow together rather than feeling separated and detached. Use alike side tables to make this space symmetrical,  if your’e single having one on each side of the bed with matching lamps or pictures  promotes love. 

Leave out all of the electronics you can. They will disturb your sleep and represent struggle in relationship. Don’t place mirrors in alignment with your bed, this reflects negative energy while your’e sleeping. 

Colors. For the bedroom, relaxing colors are best. Soft greens, blues, and browns will help you rest and be at peace. Also, the color blue lowers our blood pressure and heart rate. Using our decor to help balance the room is easier rather than painting, especially if you are renting. I use plants, art, pillows and area rugs to add a splash of color. 

Decor. Have art that represents you or something relatable. For example, paintings of things or places that make you happy will give you good fortune. Pictures of your partner and not family are recommended because this is a place of romance. This is your private sanctuary, remove little nick-knacks or anything adding dusty clutter in your space. Use the Feng Shui elements to make your home feel more like nature intended.  Bring in a lavender plant to add color and a calming fragrance. 


Living Room

Our living room is a place of livelihood. We want this part of the house to feel cozy and warm. Unlike the bedroom we want fire colors here. Use neutral colors for the cozy aspect and red for liveliness. The direction of our living room will indicate what color you should add. For example my living room is on the south side of the house, South=Fire. I have a mixture of fire colors making the room feel exciting, while my walls are white, wood floors, and a brown couch calm it down a touch so it’s not over the top. 

Place your largest couch against the wall for stability, while leaving a gap to let the energy flow through the room and making the room feel close. Place other furniture by windows. Put the front feet of the furniture on the rug, not behind it. Natural light is key for this room. We want our living room to be bright and alive. Add living decor like freshly cut flowers and palmy plants. Use mirrors to reflect this natural light and a tall light fixture with a halogen bulb will replicate sunlight. Loving art is lively as well. Pictures of family would fit nicely here. 


Your kitchen and dining room hopefully flow together nicely with an open floor plan. Unfortunately we can’t all create our own blueprints and build a house the way we want it. So, we have to do our best with what we’ve got. Luckily, just by adding textures, patterns, and tasteful furniture this will make us feel comfortable at home and promote feelings and actions if we do it right. 

The kitchen is our top priority in the home. It represents health, happiness, and nourishment. The color we want here is yellow. Yellow is bright and wakes us up gently like sunshine. It also helps with our digestion… whoa. Colors have a purpose folks take it in. I, like I said earlier, can’t really paint the walls since I am renting so, I added yellow to my kitchen by getting yellow spatulas and what not, yellow rags and painted pots for my window herb garden. Having a bowl of fresh fruit sitting out is also a way to pop some color in the kitchen. 


A good plant for the kitchen would be a spider plant because they soak up any gases or toxins in the air from the oven and microwave. Having an herb garden makes your food feel more nutritious and tasty! It’s nice to just take a little bit of basil off of your plant and sprinkle it to finish any dish. 

Remove appliances from the counter tops, this is clutter people. First of all, get rid of any appliances or anything you have in abundance. Yes we need Tupperware but, not a cupboard full. Reusing coffee containers, yogurt lids, kombucha bottles is all fine and dandy if there is a good purpose. Such as a vase, or creative crafts, I use yogurt lids as a paint pallet or as a guide line to draw a perfect circle.

Keeping a collection of these things will promote stress, it’s basically garbage stuffed to the brim in your kitchen. Imagine just leaving your garbage out on the counter tops… On that note, never leave out your dirty dishes. Either wash them and put them away or throw them in the dish washer. Out of site out of mind. A dirty sink/counter top is always there for you to see and smell, it’s not good for your mind. 

Dining Room

The dining room is a place for socializing. This is where we nourish our body and relationships. Colors for the dining room should reflect how you want this space to feel. Cream is a nice base color and a bright blue or red would go perfectly with the yellow in the kitchen. Red raises our heart rate, promoting conversation. Add a high quality table linen and curtains with multiple textures to support the feeling of intimacy while also absorbing sound. The best artwork for the dining room is landscapes.

The table is best if round. This is more inviting. Try and place the table in the center of the room and not shoved in the corner. Dim lighting will help with a slower paced meal. Remember the goal of the dining room is to talk with your partner/ roommate/ or family. Food brings us closer, so try and spend your time around the table with intention. Give your attention to your buddy, then your food. 


Clean, clean, clean. The bathroom is a space for self care. White in the bathroom is best and you can dress it up with colorful towels, rugs, and baskets. Natural earth tones and wood elements look best in the restroom. An Aloe Vera plant is a good plant to place in here because it is a natural cure for skin irritations.

Entry Way 

This is a very important room. The entry way should be bold and inviting. Adding a mirror is welcoming to your guests. If possible painting the walls a red or orange will bring a burst of excitement and pizzazz to anyone who walks in. The front door should be the biggest door in the house. Placing a sharp and heavy side table for keys, sunglasses, and a candle adds structure. If you can’t paint try and get a bold colored rug. Make sure nothing is blocking the door from opening all of the way, this brings energy and prosperity into the home. 

So, that was a lot to think about so now I’ll give it to you straight.

10 Easy tips for a clutter free home and a quick burst of happy. 

  1. Tidy things up every time you leave a room
  2. Dust… floor boards, top of fridge, ceiling fan, behind TV, frames, etc.
  3. Clean and open your windows
  4. Wash your sheets/ make your bed
  5. Clean out your junk drawer or fridge
  6. Fix or toss anything broken
  7. Close washer/dryer and toilet lid
  8. Take out the trash
  9. Vacuum 
  10. Place a plant by any electrical item to cancel out the stressful energy

The biggest reason I wanted to talk to everyone about Feng Shui is because I truly believe that our possessions isolate us from the outside world. I feel that we use stuff to hide from our real issues. Clutter becomes a way to shield our pain and can be a sign of depression. When one becomes depressed, we experience a lack of motivation and neglect on keeping up with household chores. Then we get overwhelmed. It’s a vicious cycle. If we dedicate a little bit of time everyday and let go of the stuff, we will feel more free. Free to leave town, explore, and experience life. 

Travel Trip Map Direction Exploration Planning Concept

While we are at home, we should feel at peace. One more thing I want to add to this concept of Feng Shui…

“A family is a place where minds come in contact with one another. If these minds love one another the home will be as beautiful as a flower garden.”


It’s one of those simple things that we can do for our partner to show them that we care about them. We can make the space open, social, healthy, and loving, just like that. 

Thanks for reading. 



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