60-something’s The NEW 20-something!

Happy days, oh happy days. That’s how I’m trying to see it anyways. I think it’s safe to say that I am not the only human who struggles with finding happiness, and I’m a happy friggin’ person. I have troubles for sure and today I wanted to share with you all how I cope.

1.) Yesterday, I was at work and dreading it. I literally went into the restroom, splashed cold water onto my face and smiled in the mirror for a solid minute and forty-five seconds. Variations of raising my eyebrows, winking, exposing my neck slightly and showing myself strong and crazy smiles. To my surprise, it worked! That non-crazy smile stuck right to my face as I walked into my workday. If you are  not comfortable being a maniac in the workplace feel free to place a pencil along your smile and bite. This will do the same thing, I believe they call this muscle memory. I feel that when others around you see a smile it redirects their emotions and reflects yours. A good day for everybody! 

2.) Every morning I set my intention for the day. Lately, I’ve been trying to put together a healthy schedule. It’s kinda difficult. Getting up early to hit the gym, shower and biking to work during the morning rush hour just wasn’t working for me. Nobody wants to be in a hurry. I know for some people that just the way it has to be or they want to get it out of the way, and that’s how I used to feel as well. Currently, I need personal space and some peace amidst all of this chaos. I need a healthy mind first and with that I hope to find a fitness plan that works along with it.


Now, I get up early, sip on my buttery caramel flavored coffee, light my favorite almond-cinnamon scented candle, read a chapter of some book, unroll my yoga mat, sit down on my meditation pillow and decide what my intention is for the day. Stretching in the morning in itself is a great beginning to your day and another plus, it wakes you up and gets the blood flowing. One of these days I’ll write about some yoga poses that are suitable for waking up and etc.

Usually my intentions are to be empowering, be in the present, and be content. A book that really helped me with setting intentions is The Four Agreements. Check it out, it’ll make ya feel things. *wink.

3.) The other day I was driving Chas’ truck to get groceries or something, maybe beer who really knows, and the radio was on. You know those short usually stupid statistics the radio dude spits out? Well, this time I kinda liked it. He was explaining how most 20-somethings are more stressed and struggle with depression. They don’t know how to deal. He stated that as we get older the happier we become. Saying how 60-somethings enjoy life more because they understand that they can handle whatever life throws at them. They know what is important and they spend their time, that they realize is limited, on things that make them happy. I soaked this in real deep. I love good advise from people who have been there, done that. Honestly, I’ve always wanted all of the answers (who doesn’t). Turns out, we got this 20-somethings. Let’s hop on this happy train and get a movin’! Choo-Choo all aboard. Alright I’m done, sorry.

4.) Being a 20-something myself, I relate. We get bored. We feel that we need to do more to satisfy some empty hole we feel within ourselves. “I can do more” or “I need something else” or “This isn’t it” are thoughts that swing back and forth in my head constantly. Why do you think I have so much going on all of the time? Shit, I’m a photo taking- dental assisting- dog walking- alley singing- fitness struggling- traveling- blog writing- yoga doing- house buying- soon to be wifey… To add to this, I was looking into getting my real estate license. Come on Ivy… chill the f out.

Just since I’ve started the blog I’ve noticed that the answers present themselves. Ya put it out there and the universe calls out to you with compassion. Anyways, the topic of passionlessness.

“Long before the smartphone Trungpa Rinpoche pointed out this tendency to want to solve what he called ‘our boredom problem.’ He introduced passionlessness as a term to point out that we can experience boredom and other emotions without wallowing in them or getting hooked by them. We can just be there, with whatever arises. You don’t have to leap in and try to do something whenever you are uncomfortable. When you are in a difficult situation, for example, you don’t have to try and make everything perfect. You can just relax with your discomfort. That ability to be with emotional issues is being passionless, which is one quality of being a dharmic person.” -Lodro Rinzler, Author of Sit Like A Buddha

If you haven’t already, go listen to the song by SOJA that I have posted to the blog on the sidebar in Inspirational Vids. It and the book Sit Like a Buddha are what inspired this blog today. The chapter I read the other morning is titled Become a Dharmic Person (Google wouldn’t tell me if I needed to quote this chapter title or italicize it).


5.) The lesson being, be dedicated to one thing. In my yoga class the other day the instructed shared a story similar to this. She said she was feeling overwhelmed with the many rolls she plays in her life, so she reached out to her yoga mentor. Explaining this to her, the yoga mentor said, “Happiness of the heart is the will to one thing.” Screw that, my instructor thought. How is this possible? How can you dedicate yourself to one little  ol’ thing? If you have the answer, hit me up because I am still wondering myself. I think the gist of it is limit yourself and don’t spread yourself so thin you can’t give yourself any of the happiness and love you’re sharing with everyone else in life.

Don’t forget to love yourself is the bottom line. Something that I share with people daily because of my sick-ass tattoo inked on my arm that is not so visible for everyone to ask me about. For me, having my hour in the morning to relax, read, smell good smells, stretch, snuggle, and repeat my mantra or intention gets a good energy flowing in me. I’ll start and end with that.

6.) I believe knowing your significant other can’t give you everything is important. I feel that people put that weight on their lover. They decide that’s why we search for a soulmate, so that they can make us happy and solve the problems that life brings. Yes, Chas makes me very happy don’t get me wrong. He’s a huge part of my life and I understand that I have to love myself first. I can’t give him what he needs if I’m all depressed and needy. Put some faith in yourself, take time for you and the answers of happiness will be there smacking you in the face.

Thanks for listening, I hope that I’ve helped you smidgin. Love you guys. Have a great Independence Day. Be grateful for all that you have, this life, and the people the world has brought to you. Mwah!


One thought on “60-something’s The NEW 20-something!

  1. Wow! That was wonderfully written, you are also a talented writer..I will have to get that book u talked about, sounds interesting..its funny, I start.my morning out the same way, I like to get up early so I can have PEACE with my coffee..but no stretching or yoga, lol, more like situps and leg lifts..haha, only 10 mins..but I do want to learn to meditate…Keep Writing Girl! Great topics! Xxoo Cousin Janie

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