Bubble Bride

Poppin’ bottles can basically sum up my weekend. I can’t even estimate how many bottles of champagne and red wine we went through. This Saturday was my bridal shower! Yee! Hosted by my wonderful aunties. My beautiful maid of honor and bridesmaid were there too, clinking mimosas by my side. I was surrounded by a dozen of my lovely friends and supportive family members. I can’t express how much love was flowing through my heart this weekend.

My uncles and cousins stopped by after the festivities to be social with all us gals and to be fed the leftover hors d’oeuvres.

I was so nervous randomly the day of the shower. My hands were so shaky my liquid eyeliner went on all scribbley. For some reason I felt like I wasn’t worthy of this shower and that I wasn’t fancy enough for something so extravagant. Now, I believe I was simply scared of being in the spotlight. Being the center of attention is hard for me, I tend to just be and nothing more. I guess the wedding will give me a run for my money.

I have to say I am very proud of myself. I read into my feelings and took time for myself when I needed it and I surrounded myself with love and affection which can be difficult. I went out on my own to listen to a fantastic band called Arkansauce and paced myself the entire weekend. I never went overboard… literally. The uncles took me rafting. Before I went of course I heard nothing but horror stories of that damn white water. I was white-knuckling it basically the entire time. It was fine obviously other than the fact that it was f’n freezing. There were 20 mph headwinds and 60 degrees. My lips were purple for hours after I submerged myself in the longest hottest shower. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger I think is what they say. *wink


I handed my camera over to my main girl Kylie! She’s an aspiring photographer and I think she did so great. All the images here were taken by her I’m so grateful I could count on her for this. Otherwise I was going to have to use my wireless remote and set up a tripod the whole day.

It’s getting close. Yes, I am nervous. Jitters are common I understand. Overwhelmed is where I’m at. There’s a lot already done but I’m at the point where I just can’t wait to be in Hawaii on a beach with my babe drinking a Bellini.

To add to all the chaos, we are… wait for it… HOUSE HUNTING!!!

I’m actually incredibly excited! Having a place of our own, growing in it, fixing it up, landscaping, and mostly having a place to call home is a dream come true. That comfort and stability is something I’ve been craving since I was a little girl. All I’ve ever wanted was to share a home with my husband and be happy in a safe and community driven neighborhood (with culture).

We go Monday to check out some potential starter homes! Wish us luck! Life’s happening this is crazy, can’t believe I’m adulting already. Momma would be proud.


6 thoughts on “Bubble Bride

  1. You are a 1st degree bad ass Ivy Joe! It was such a wonderful treat to be on a boat and sharing this most special weekend with you😘
    The “rapids” are never as bad when you are next to someone you love❤️

    Liked by 1 person

  2. So glad you had a good shower!! You are so deserving of a beautiful shower and I am so excited for the house hunting!! It is an awesome thing to put down roots!


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