The Red Rocks

Hey everyone, happy Sunday! I started this weekend off with a bang! Put on my new yellow romper and blindingly white tennies and drove three hours to The Red Rocks Amphitheater in Morrison, CO. Wow, was it beautiful. Unfortunately, I was not allowed to bring in my camera, although there are a couple iPhone images on Facebook if you care to take a gander. I did however bring in my Polaroid camera and I decided to give all of the dancing friends around me a picture to remember their time there. It was a hit to say the least.

My friends Abby and Indigo tagged along with me and it was funny teaching them how to use the Boomerang app (also on Facebook.) We had hiked up I can’t tell you how many steps to experience Nahko and Medicine for the People and Boombox live! My calfs are still burning from climbing and dancing all over the place. Indigo had just happened to have some biodegradable glitter in her bag, to please the environmentalists, and us of course. We threw the glitter in the air to celebrate the start of the show!

I truly connected with Nahko’s set. It opened with a prayer by a Chief. Everyone in the audience held one hand to their heart and the other on their neighbor. I can’t lie, it got me right in the feels. I’m just so grateful that I had the support of my girlfriends, and that double vodka soda.

Being there at the Red Rocks, overseeing the Denver skyline, watching the sun set over the rocks, and the full harvest moon rising over the twinkling city lights was absolutely breathtaking. I surely will go again and recommend going to check it out for yourself.


In other news, my meditation floor pillow just arrived on my doorstep. When I was sorting through some of my moms things, I stumbled upon how interested she was in meditation. I found many hand written notes to herself on how to have a more peaceful  life and a clearer mind. One thing on the list was meditation. With that, I have chosen to peruse this path. Not only for her sake but for mine as well.

Lately I have been feeling empty, unsatisfied and spacey. It’s hard to maintain the same lifestyle and schedule that I had once mastered. I imagine that meditating will give me some sort of comfort and peace with her passing. So, I collected a couple of her meditation books, a little buddha statue, I burnt some sage, lit the almond-cinnamon scented candle I had bought for her, sat on my big yellow pillow and began a meditation practice. Wish me luck.


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